Bitter on Twitter

Twitter has frustrated me over the past several months. It’s not really a company I can root for anymore. I’ve been turned off by business decisions and their poor communication and transparency (in my opinion). It’s also very annoying when Twitter announces projects and several months later…. nothing is launched and barely a tweet update about them (i.e. Annotations, url rewriting). But yeah I still use the damn service for the simple reality that its where everyone is at. But I am gradually losing interest in Twitter for certain usages such as social interaction and starting to just look at it as the pipeline of worldly noise that it is. Useful for dumpcasting links and headlines out into the digital ether to be crunched and consumed and lost in the stream.

I’m no stranger to the DiY DiSo Federated Web Yadda Etcetera. And though I am not a true fan of WordPress, I’ve been too lazy to migrate this blog off of it since it works well enough. Just not crazy about what’s under the hood. Still, anything of relative importance gets published here first and cross-posted to Twitter. This simple fact is why I don’t see a reason to officially quit Twitter like some have done as statements. I can stop “using” Twitter but still cross-post to it. I own my content, have proper backup and control my digital presence. Twitter is just a way to scatter the bits no matter what, if any, value comes from it. Its automated and takes mere seconds. No bother.

It’s also about the reliance of corporate entities that involve multiple investors looking for a payday. The Internet needs… no it requires an Open Infrastructure and Messaging Pipeline. It is obvious that modern society puts high value on Light-weight Messages distributed to the masses. Twitter is not the solution. It was the Wake-Up Call. The world needs an uncensored system for our inherent freedoms of speech. We are seeing the People’s Digital Landscape disappearing. Whether it is because of a corporation and its policies or government interference…. The People…. us ants… are going to be reduced to compliant narcissistic noise makers unless some serious attention and movement begins now. Otherwise, a schism will have to occur. The Darknets will grow.

Bringing it back down… here is what got me on this train of thought this morning. A clip from this video by Robert Scoble interviewing the founder of LazyScope, an RSS + Twitter Air App. At 22:52 he mentions the Twitter limitation for Embedding 3rd party media on Twitter’s right-sidebar that isused for additional content. Twitter reserves this functionality for a set of ~16 Partners and have chosen to not communicate details on how to become a Content Partner. Twitter only provided an email address ( which seems to be a black hole since multiple communication attempts over ~3 months have failed to return even an automated/canned response. Thanks Twitter! I’ve embedded the segment below where Instagram is mentioned as an example of how LazyScope is better since Twitter does not embed Instagram Photo links but LazyScope does. I suspect that Instagram will soon have the privilege but it remains a question as to how other projects/companies can get whitelisted by Twitter.

UPDATE: Instagram now supported by Twitter –

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