A Comment to “Imaginationland” on Andy’s Blog Regarding 140limit on Twitter

A comment to this post:

it should be obvious why 140 is the limit but the real question is why is it STILL the limit for ALL tweets? A magority of twitter users are using computers and either the website or a client app to tweet…. or if a mobile device, more and more are using phones with data plans that are able to do email and transfer files and browse the web etc etc. Within 2 years, most people with have “smart phones” and SMS will not be used for social messaging. Though SMS will always have a place and be useful, it certainly is not and will not be the sole technology for social messaging. That time has come and passed.

So though Winer may have phrased things awkwardly, the question is valid. Why limit people to 140 characters today? Why not have a logical interface that once 140 characters is reached, a little note appears that sais the message is no longer SMS compatible, do you want to continue? That’s literally all that is needed to appease all users. Most dont know what SMS is or care about it when they are using Twitter. It is 2010, not 2006.

With that said, maybe their still is some intrinsic value in the limitation. For a while I enjoyed it myself. Of late, the novelty has worn off. When i have more to say, i dont want to feel like i am nosiy or spammy by having several successive tweets to finish my thinking. I need to go long sometimes. Why can’t i just do it in one post using just Twitter? I think the time has come to examine the limitation and I think Twitter will eventually follow Facebook and Buzz etc by allowing larger posts and having SMS compatible posts as an optional feature that is seamlessly integrated into the user experience.


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